Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

A commercial real estate market analysis generates reasonable assumptions to use as financial models. This analysis ensures that the qualitative aspects of the market and property meet your requirements. It also teaches market timing by showing where our economy is positioned in the current business cycle. Additionally, you are able to identify the indicators showing where the economy is headed, and how long it will take to get there.

What Is In A Real Estate Market Analysis

  • Comparable Property Sales 

  • Comparable Properties

  • Historical Rent, Expense, and Other Trends

  • Lease Terms and Renewal Probabilities

  • Absorption Data

  • Demographic Trends

  • In-Person Assessment of Property and Neighborhood

Why A Market Analysis Is Important

A market analysis is an integral part of real estate transactions. Think of it as the “due diligence” that reveals trends and helps industry professionals forecast the future.  Commercial real estate market analysis looks at various demographic, economic, and socioeconomic factors within an industry. These could include local employment rates, housing vacancy rates, or the median cost of housing. 

They also reveal crucial information about local supply and demand, market rents, capital market access, and a property’s revenue-generating potential.

Property Details

When it comes to a market analysis, there are several key parts of the market analysis and listing process. Here are some special factors that apply: