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Dorian provides Executive level training services to a diverse group of investors, developers, corporations, governments, and nonprofits. In the past 3 years, he has consulted on projects in excess of $32 million, with millions more in the pipeline.

These projects consisted of rezoning through to raw land development, construction, and adaptive reuse. He is highly sought after in the industry due to his integrity, vast knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping people.

He brings a unique strength of viewing projects at the macro level, while executing day-to-day on the micro-level. Dorian’s background in the US Air Force, Corporate Management, Technology, Supply Chain and Nonprofit Management fuels his knowledge base and strategic leadership. He has a track record of success in real estate, including retail, historic, industrial, and affordable housing projects.

Whether you are seeking assistance on projects, or real estate training, Dorian Carter is here to help.

Why You Should Work With OnPointe Commercial

OnPointe Commercial is a Global Real Estate Mentorship Firm. We are committed to
crafting innovative and creative strategies that are rooted in our mission to transform communities through real estate.

  • Sharp Focus On Investor Return

  • Dedicated Community Involvement

  • Extensive Real Estate Experience

  • Leaders In Underserved Communities

  • Fearless But Educated Investments

  • Systematic Use Of Economic Data


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