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Dorian L. Carter is a Commercial Real Estate Executive with a mission to transform communities and build wealth for individuals. His journey to becoming one of the most influential thought leaders in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate began in Jacksonville, Florida where he was born and raised. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Dorian was not a stranger to struggle and hard times.


Dorian persevered through several challenges including poverty, an unstable home, and becoming a teenage father. Upon graduating from high school, Dorian served 9 1/2 years in the United States Air Force and learned the value of hard work, discipline, and leading by example. While serving in the military he realized his passion for Entrepreneurship, which had been instilled in him by his grandfather when he was young.

He started his first business in 1998 while working in information technology and continued into real estate while managing data centers for a Fortune 500 firm. After purchasing his first home, his interest in real estate and investing began to grow. While working full-time and attending college at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business, he changed his major from Economics to Real Estate. He began to truly understand the power of real estate to build wealth and transform communities. In 2005, Dorian left his thriving Corporate career and took the full time leap into Entrepreneurship.

For over fifteen years, Dorian has been on a mission to transform under-served communities, teach wealth-building strategies, advocate change, mentor individuals,and business owners. Since 2013, Dorian has led real estate projects in excess of 3 million square feet. He is a Developer, Consultant, Instructor, Community Volunteer, and Nonprofit Founder

Entrepreneur, Executive, Developer, Investment Advisor, Community Leader, Podcast Host, Trainer, Visionary…Most, Importantly Father!

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My mission is to assist individuals in creating wealth through investing in Commercial Real Estate. I accomplish this by advising, educating, and mentoring. It is sense of pride that I have a direct effect on building wealth for my clients, partners, and employees.


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