For experienced or seasoned investors, there are new opportunities to invest in new areas. If you are considering investing in commercial real estate, the next step would be to look into mentorship and consultation. You’re already a self-starter, but a mentor can guide you through the process of investing in commercial real estate. OnPointe Commercial offers the best real estate mentorship and consultation program on the market. With the right teacher, you’ll see how you can reap the benefits of investing in commercial real estate.

Diversify Your Portfolio With Commercial Real Estate

Would you rather own dozens of properties or just one? Investing in commercial real estate allows you to invest in a multitude of different properties. Building a diversified real estate portfolio can lead to higher returns, and minimize risk on your investments. That way, you aren’t dependent on the highs and lows of a single market.

Diversify your real estate portfolio by investing in different asset classes. You can maximize your chances of seeing above-market returns. There are several types of commercial properties you can invest in. Some of these include multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, agriculture, and even niche properties such as houses of worship, cemeteries, parks, and schools. A professional real estate mentor will be able to guide you in assessing which type of investments work well for you.

Why You Need Commercial Real Estate Mentorship and Consultation

Self-starters and entrepreneurial types will thrive in investing in commercial real estate. However, you don’t want to be caught without a real estate mentor. Commercial real estate is a massive wealth-building machine- if you do it right. However, investing in commercial real estate is very different from residential real estate investing. It’s also an entirely different form of investing than stocks or bonds. If you are going to get into commercial real estate, it is strongly advised that you have a mentor.

Commercial Real Estate Knowledge

Since commercial real estate is different than residential real estate, an investor needs to be knowledgeable in each and understand the difference between the two. You can get the basics from books and self-learning. A mentor will be by your side when it comes to making deals and ensuring their success. They can also assist you in:

  • How to value commercial properties – commercial properties get their value by producing income. There are several formulas that determine the value of a property: cap rate, debt service coverage ratio, cash on cash, and more.
  • Due Diligence – A mentor will teach you how to perform legal, financial, and also physical due diligence.
  • Funding options – Through mentorship, you can understand the best types of funding to use – permanent financing, private loans, seller financing, and also crowdfunding partnerships.

You Can Copy Your Real Estate Mentor

In commercial real estate, success can be replicated. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and create an entirely different business plan. You are not the first person to invest in real estate. Instead of learning from costly mistakes, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of a mentor. With a mentor, you don’t have to spend years of trial and error. Instead, a real estate mentor can offer you the following:

  • A blueprint that the mentor has used
  • System for finding properties, making offers, following up with sellers, conducting due diligence and closing strategies
  • Risk mitigation
  • Their own personal tips and tricks

A Real Estate Mentor Will Help You Develop A Plan

If you have experience with residential real estate then you understand how valuable a plan is. Since investing in commercial properties carries a financial risk, it is even more essential to have a plan. A commercial real estate mentor will assist you in creating a plan for investing in commercial real estate.

Your real estate mentor helps you develop a plan that includes:

  • How to find the right loans
  • Where to find tenants for your property
  • Where to seek out value-added scenarios in the property
  • An exit strategy and what to do if that exit strategy doesn’t work

Real Estate Mentorship Vs Real Estate Consultation

The process of “mentorship” is the guidance received from or relationship with someone who has more experience in a given industry. One thing that CEOs, athletes, and entertainers have in common is that they have a mentor. The truth is, no one succeeds alone. Our mentorship program is focused on building a two-way relationship for long-term movement and professional development.

In contrast, real estate consultant offers specialized investment and financial advice to clients looking to buy, sell or invest in property. These are short-term consultations that include market and feasibility studies, economic analysis, asset, and also portfolio repositioning.

Like many of you, I didn’t grow up in wealth, so being debt-free as a family was not normal. The single-family home is the beginning of wealth-building. However, there is another area that has been neglected by many but it is a wide-open opportunity to build generational wealth- that is commercial real estate. – Dorian L Carter, CCIM – The Real Estate Wealth Generator & OnPointe Commercial

Top Real Estate Mentorship and Consultation Program

Dorian L. Carter provides executive-level consulting services to a diverse group of investors, developers, corporations, non-profits. Over the past three years, he has consulted on projects that have exceeded $32 million, with millions more in the pipeline. Dorian is highly sought after in the industry due to his integrity, knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping others.

Whether you are seeking assistance on projects, or real estate consulting, Dorian Carter is here to help. For mentorship, our clients must meet financial criteria in order to be considered. If you do not qualify for mentorship, we always have consultations available.

Why Have Hundreds Of Investors Chosen On Pointe Partners?

At OnPointe Commercial, we’ve offered top executive-level mentorship for real estate investors and consulting.  Some of our clients have been investors, developers, corporations, governments, and non-profits. Investing in Commercial Real Estate gives you the unique opportunity to build wealth just as other high net worth earners. Additionally, you can learn how to get started with investing in commercial real estate investing even if you have no experience. Our mentorship program has put many investors on the right path to building wealth. To get more information on CRE mentorship, schedule a consultation with Dorian L Carter.