Podcast Episode #3: Interview with Business Coach Chris Williams

On this episode Dorian Carter and his guest Chris Williams discuss how a side business will level up their skills. Tune into Podcast Episode #3: Interview with Business Coach Chris Williams.

Dorian Carter, CEO of OnPointe Partners, a Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisory and Consulting firm. Mr. Carter brings years of business and executive-level experience in commercial real estate focusing on investing and redevelopment of communities. He started in real estate as a home flipper where he gained a strong desire to transform communities. His goal is to affect change in underserved communities by empowering and educating individuals on wealth-building strategies and redevelopment initiatives that bring stronger places to live.

Commercial Real Estate Investing: Investing in the Future

OnPointe Commercial is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm specializing in representing the passive investor seeking to acquire or sell Net Lease properties. We are committed to a full understanding of our customer’s investment goals and providing access to passive income investment deals that build long-term wealth. We teach our clients how to build wealth from commercial real estate investing.

About Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a business coach for corporate professionals. His corporate career training started in learning and development, and he built his skills on organizational behavior, personal development and became a corporate executive trainer at one of the largest financial firms in North America. With 18+ years’ experience, his passion is to see more professionals become a more engaged teammates in their profession by teaching them how a side business will level up their skills in their career.

Facebook: chris.williams.16121
LinkedIn: thechristopherwilliams

Connect with Us:

Instagram: @realestatewealthgenerator
Website: https://www.onpointepartners.com/
Work with Dorian: www.workwithdorian.com


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